Real-time intelligence.

In today's data-driven world, hoteliers need multiple sources of data. Gratus provides real-time feedback, actionable insights, and performance analytics to tipped service businesses, such as hotels.  

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Accurate performance analytics.

Are your employees motivated to deliver consistent, high-quality service?  Do they have the capacity?  No business should have to wait for that online review to learn about a situation that could have been remedied during their stay.  We provide hotels with emotionally intelligent analytics coupled with quantitive metrics to provide a true picture of what's happening in your business. 


Employee benefits.

It's a cashless society. helps employees to recover a lost opportunity for a tip by enabling guests to use their phone to tip and express appreciation. Guest feedback is then communicated back to the individual employee, department, and management. Instantly. Simultaneously.  Electronically.  Say goodbye to comment cards.  

And the win for the customer?  Say goodbye to that awkward and inconvenient moment of, "Sorry, I don't have cash."