Better than cash.

Q:  What is Gratus?

Gratus is a mobile solution that increases the opportunity for employees to receive a cashless tip while also providing hotels with the opportunity to collect real time feedback from guests.  Gratus offers hotels a simple, seamless, and convenient solution. We combine the mobile payments of Venmo and the feedback features of Yelp to create an ecosystem for guests, employees, and business to interact through the power of appreciation.

Q:  What is "cashless" tipping?

A cashless tip is a digital, mobile payment.  It's for those situations when a guest would like to leave a tip but doesn't have the cash or the exact change. The most appreciative customer with no cash has little choice but to walk away. That lost opportunity of $1 tip matters to a tipped service worker.

Q:  Who's cashless? 

These days, fewer and fewer people are carrying cash.  50% of Americans carry cash with them only about half the time.  8 out of 10 keep less than $50 on hand and nearly half say they keep less than $20.  50% say they use cash less than eight days each month. 5 percent say they never use it. Only 1 in 10 chose cash as their preferred form of payment.

Q:  Who benefits from cashless tipping?

Everyone. Taking the cash out of the tip takes the inconvenience out of tipping. The cashless tip is the tip that wouldn't have been provided if there wasn't a mobile option. Mobile offers versatility -- the tip can go either to the individual or into a pool that can be distributed according to the business. As a mobile payment, tips can better managed and more accurately distributed.